So much is happening this year!  The time has come, we're spinning up and locking down the content. We're acquiring even more duplicators to make even more copies this year - hoping to pass the 3PB mark!  The drive data is updated and is ready to roll out.  We parsed through our best presentations and are ready to bring them to you. All the details can be found below.



We start taking drives at 4:00pm local time on Thursday, August 9th. We'll keep accepting drives until we reach capacity (usually late Friday or early Saturday).  Then we copy and copy all the things until we just can't copy any more - first come, first served.  We run around the clock until we run out of time on Sunday morning with the last possible pickup being before 11:00am on Sunday.  The link below has all the village hours of operation details.



The Data Duplication Village's goal is to help the information security community by providing helpful information through duplication of large amounts of data including all the past hacking related convention material that can be found, rainbow tables, and more.  Now we are expanding our goals by providing direct talks to further provide helpful information. The DDV talks during DEF CON 26 will be in the Capri room on Friday, August 10th and Saturday, August 11th (yes, two days only). Click on the button below for all the details.



DEF CON provides a core set of drive duplicators as well as a few data content options. Bring your 6TB (or larger) SATA3 blank drives (labeled with contact information if you like), and submit them in the queue for the data you want. Come back in around 14-24 hours to pick up your drive freshly packed with all the data.  We're starting out with 18TB of data to choose from. The DC26 DRIVE DATA page has more.