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Facts, figures, and fun from managing 100,000 hard drives.

  • Capri Room Ceasar's Palace Las Vegas, NV (map)

Speaker: Andy Klein

For the last five years Backblaze has collected daily operational data from the hard drives in our data centers. This includes daily SMART statistics from over 100,000 hard drives totaling over 500 Petabytes of storage. We’ll start by looking at the lifetime statistics for all the hard drives we have ever used, split out by size and manufacturer. Then we’ll compare the failure rates of consumer versus enterprise drives and we’ll also compare helium-filled versus air-filled drives. We’ll finish up with looking at a handful of SMART attributes to see how temperature relates to hard drive failure and whether or not you can use SMART stats to predict hard drive failure. As a bonus, we’ll show you where to get the data so you can do your own analysis – enjoy.