If you're looking for something to fill up all your unused storage, may I recommend a nice hash table or two with a side of all of the DefCon talks and everything else on


DEF CON provides a core set of drive duplicators and data content options. It will be a first come, first served and duplicate 'till we run out of power. Bring in 6TB SATA3 blank drives (or larger) and check them in to get the data you want. Come back in about 24 hours to pick up your data-packed drive. Space allowing, we'll accept drives until Saturday morning.


We're working out the details until the last minute but it will be similar to what was provided for DC25:

  • 6TB drive 1-3: All past convention videos that DT can find - essentially a clone of - building on last year's collection and re-squished with brand new codecs for your size constraining pleasures.

  • 6TB drive 2-3: freerainbowtables hash tables (lanman, mysqlsha1, NTLM) and word lists (1-2)

  • 6TB drive 3-3: freerainbowtables GSM A5/1, md5 hash tables, and software (2-2)


6TB SATA3 7200rpm drives - one for each source or copy.  If you want a full copy of everything you will need three drives. Yes, larger drives are accepted.


The earlier the better.  We accept drives on a FIFO basis and can't always complete everything.  Check the full schedule for village dates and hours.


Be aware that we cleared all the Vegas area stores of every single 6TB drive every year so far.  Plan ahead and get your drives early!
Duplicating a 6TB (About 5.46 usable) drive at an average of 120 Megabytes a second comes out to just under 14 hours per drive. 
With all of our duplicators going, we can duplicate almost 100 drives concurrently.
We push data out to the drives for 72 hours straight.
We duplicated 420 drives for DC25 and a little less than that for DC26 (we were missing some equipment).
We're working on getting additional equipment and hoping to break our records this year!
We track our drive details and you can see what we did in the “Past Cons” briefings.

We include these details in the DC Forum thread and you are encouraged to ask any questions you have there or reach out to us on twitter (@ddv_dc)

See you in Vegas!