DC26 Winding Down....

It's been an interesting DEFCON for the DDV and now it's time to start the wrap up.  The last few drives are entering the final round of duplication so it's time to pick up your drives.

As you may already have heard, we didn't have all the expected duplication equipment this year so we were only able to do about 60% of planned capacity.  But either way, get your tickets out and come pick up your drives!  Remember that our last pickup window is Sunday from 10:00 to 11:00.  Anything left behind after that will be considered a donation to the DDV (thank you in advance).

Completion note:  If you have a ticket in the following ranges, your drives were NOT completed this year  - the physics just wouldn't allow us to make them all happen:

  White (Infocon): > 3230598
  Red (Tables 1-2): > 3326251
  Yellow (Tables 2-2): > 0040498

Keep in mind that you can always get this content anytime from infocon.org (and torrent it - seed to feed the need!).