DC27 DDV smashed the record!

We kicked it in gear for 2019! With a lot of hard preparation (thanks, Will), we were able to duplicate every single one of the 510 functional drives given to us! 231 infocon.org drives and 290 hash table drives.

We increased our total number of duplication bays with over 50 more drive slots for a total of 145 duplicator bays running 24x4! Even with one minor power outage, we duplicated all of the other 510 drives! A new DDV record!

We received, cataloged, copied, labeled, and returned about 3 Petabytes of data in under 66 hours!

On top of that, our Pick and Pull File Transfer Server (Beta test) provided fast file system access to the infocon.org data on a closed and isolated network. We pushed another 112.57 GB of data out through that.

All the details can be found in the Defcon27 Briefing: https://dcddv.org/dc27-briefing

Drives ready to return

Drives ready to return